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Double-position automatic winding machine (multilayer wiring)

Double-position automatic winding machine (multilayer wiring)

Product attributes

  • Classification:Brushless motor winding machine (multilayer wiring)
  • Product no. :YL-2036
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  • Date of issue:2020-03-27
  • Product overview

Product name: Double-position automatic winding machine (multilayer wiring)

Product range:

Air purification machine, steady shot, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) yuntai brushless motor motor, power, etc.


1. Touch screen interface in Chinese, can memory and replace a variety of winding parameters at the same time.

2. This machine is specially designed for high demand multilayer wiring brushless motor design, can automatically transform winding direction of the coil turns neat and accurate; The operation is simple,

Save the artificial;

3. The automatic winding machine, automatic indexing, automatic line, automatic GaJian.

4. Using moment steel wire winding tsui, dropped to a low loss to enameled wire.

5. Servo motor wire winding effect can reach a not disorderly.

The machine parameters:

Optimum winding diameter

(0.2 1.0 mm wire diameter selection line frame)

Number of work

Two worktables

Rows of line width


Wire rack

2 pieces

Transfer speed

0-1500 R.P.M (depending on the product line diameter adjustment)

The controller

Touch screen microcomputer controller

Spindle motor

Servo motor

Angle of the motor

Servo motor

Rows of motor

Servo motor

The power supply

AC 220V 50Hz

Installation dimensions

About 720 x650 (L) (W) xl410 (H) mm

The weight of the

About 250 kg





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