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Winding machine working principle of the protection device is what?

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Winding machine working principle of the protection device is what?


The working principle of the inverter, frequency conversion technology is changed by the frequency converter power frequency, which changes the technique of ac asynchronous motor speed. Through the inverter to the ac to dc conversion, again through the inverter dc to ac conversion, to control the speed of the ac motor. And winding machine series ring winding machine of the automatic protection device of converter is controlled by controlling the input analog voltage of frequency converter, then control the frequency of the inverter output power, the ac motor speed with output power frequency varies.

The three-phase asynchronous motor speed by a logarithmic frequency, motor and slip. Asynchronous motor torque is within the magnetic flux and rotor motor through the interaction between current, under fixed frequency, if voltage and lower frequency, only then the flux is big, the magnetic circuit saturation, serious when will burn machine. Is proportional to the frequency and voltage, therefore, to change, namely the change frequency control inverter output voltage at the same time, to keep the flux of the motor must be to avoid weak magnetic and magnetic saturation phenomenon. Because of the general inverter generally USES V/f control, namely the way of variable voltage variable frequency speed regulation, changes made to the optimal frequency and voltage of motor control method. So choose the frequency control method, variable frequency speed regulation is to change the frequency of the motor stator power, to change its synchronous speed control method. Its characteristics: (1) high efficiency and speed control in the process of no additional loss; (2) the application range is wide, can be used in the cage type asynchronous motor; (3) hard, high precision and large range of speed and characteristics.

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