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Winding machine multi-axis thread clamp device how?

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Winding machine multi-axis thread clamp device how?


Inductance coil winding machine multi-axis thread clamp device, including stent device X axis and Z axis, Y axis device and clamp mechanism: described the X axis gear set on the top of the scaffold, described the Z axis gear set in the X axis device, described the Y axis gear set in the Z axis device, institutions set up in the Y described the thread clamp device. Multiaxial structure of inductance coil winding machine, can accomplish multiple synchronous inductance artifacts in the process of winding machine thread clamp action, at the same time, add the line clip slide rail, wire clip, spring, in the process of workpiece on winding, can effectively guarantee the space is evenly winding, wire will not because of the winding, cross line, tangent is broke. In addition, the inductance coil winding machine multi-axis device used to hang line way of hanging line, ensure the workpiece is cut tin process won't short circuit.

Inductance coil winding machine multi-axis thread clamp device can main shortcomings and problems of the existing technology of the service, SMD inductor, chip capacitors and chip resistor is one of the three big chip electronic components, is a circle with a enclosure by wire winding on the insulating tube, insulating tube can be hollow, can also contain iron core or magnetic powder core. Most of the current domestic enterprise, the true line of inductive components such as glue production line are using artificial operation, waste a lot of human resources, efficiency is not high, the quality of the product is not very good guarantee. The traditional way is to one end of the wire winding on the workpiece at the top of the groove, the start winding, after the winding, again will wire terminals on the workpiece into the groove of the top of another, this kind of hanging line methods workpiece cut tin short-circuit phenomenon, thus leading to the generation of unqualified products.

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