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Where is the application range of the winding machine?

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Where is the application range of the winding machine?


Winding machine: just as its name implies is winding machine wind the linear object to a specific machine on the workpiece. Most of all electrical products need to made with enameled copper wire winding inductance coil, winding machine them is required. Such as: all kinds of electric motors, fluorescent ballasts, various size of transformer, the television. The radio with mid-frequency transformer, inductance coil, automatic winding machine line output transformer (ignition coil), electronic ignition coil winding machine, the high voltage coil on the mosquito killer, speakers, headphones, microphone voice coil, cannot all kinds of electric welding machine and so on, for example, the inside of coil winding machine has to be used to wound. Textile industry more than cotton yarn, man-made fibre winding machine line winding, such as all kinds of yarn for textile machinery group, drift of these need to be around with a winding machine.

From the point of transformer winding structure design, not the coil can use vertical winding machine production. Such as the layer structure, more structured spiral coil. If the coil using normal horizontal winding machine around, axial winding without any pressure, line clearance is very big, like a compression spring. Coil diameter after compaction, coil, and produce gap between rolls, will cause the coil axial instability, in case of axial electric, coil may cause damage. Therefore, with the axial and radial compression type horizontal winding machine, in large transformer coil production, has been widely used. As transformer performance requirements more and more high, general of small and medium sized transformer production, also gradually began to use compression type horizontal winding machine.

Shenzhen xing yulong electromechanical equipment co., LTD., founded in 2005, professional research and development, production and sales all kinds of brushless motor winding machine, etc., focused on winding equipment for 16 years. Introduction of Japan, Taiwan advanced technology, the machine is simple operation, high production efficiency, less manpower, and winding technology had applied for national patent. Widely used in aviation/car/electrical/air conditioning/electric tools/appliances/aspiration/wash, etc.




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