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A brush motor with brushless motors have why to distinguish?

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A brush motor with brushless motors have why to distinguish?


Have motor work, the coil and the commutator rotating, the magnetic steel and carbon brush don't turn, is the direction of the coil current changes with the motor rotation phase switcher and brush. In the electric car industry has a brush motor points high-speed brush and a brush motor at low speed. Brush motors and brushless motor, there are a lot of difference between can be seen from the name have carbon brush brush motor, brushless motor without carbon brush brushless dc motor is composed of main body of the motor and drive, is a typical mechatronics product. Because of brushless dc motor based on self-control type operation, so don't like frequency control of motor speed synchronous motor overload start under plus startup winding on the rotor, also won't generate oscillation and step out when load mutation.

Have motor is a traditional product, the performance is stable. Brushless motor is a new product, its performance is better than a brush motor service life. But the control circuit is more complex, the aging of the components of screening more strict. Although the life is long but control circuit is easy to go wrong. So choose brushless motor should pass the strict reliability test to ensure quality.

In actual production process, due to the dc motor brush a tooth is a high-speed motor, gear tooth is small, easy to wear and tear, but strength is big, strong climbing ability. The brushless dc motor, saves in the process of using two or three years in exchange for carbon brush. But because in the process of control of brushless motor, require high accuracy. Moreover, the price of the brushless motor controller is also higher. By contrast have no tooth brush dc motor, although to replace carbon brush, but to replace carbon brush is very easy, and motor control is relatively simple, motor running smooth, relatively high safety factor.





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