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Winding tact to protective device design requirements analysis

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Winding tact to protective device design requirements analysis


Winding tact to protective device design to the system requirements: (1) improve the quality of winding, reducing safety accidents; (2) the whole control system is simple, low cost, small volume; (3) in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics to install system.

Through the research analysis, the project is determined by modified foot speed, to reduce the winding machine speed, improve the safety of the winding machine. Foot speed working on the same principle as the working principle of the slide rheostat, governor is by changing the winding machine inverter external control loop resistance tolerance size, then change the size of the voltage on both ends of winding machine inverter control circuit, can change the inverter output winding loop frequency size, click speed to change the winding machine. Therefore, in the pedal speed control loop, add coiling machine protection system, according to the different risk into the resistance of the resistance value, so as to change the speed of winding mechanical and electrical machine, the line speed of storage.

Demand is winding machine safety protection device is when the operator's hand into the dangerous area, by infrared rays from the reflector to the receiver, infrared sensor, low electrical signal feedback to logic chip, then the location of the logic control chip based on the input signal, through the MCU or logic, control signal output speed down to relay module, make the different value of resistor concatenated into foot speed loop, and then change the pedal device of voltage ratio, and reduces the frequency of the winding machine frequency converter, to reduce the effect of winding motor speed, ensure the operator safety, textile workers operation because of improper operation, cause harm, effectively improve the safety of the winding machine.

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