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The choose and buy of winding machine, choose xing yue loong.

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The choose and buy of winding machine, choose xing yue loong.


Xing yulong electromechanical main winding brushless coiling machine, machine optimum around product widely!

In the winding of the stator, from 0.08 to 1.3 wire diameter, 0.3 the following wire diameter, root and coiled. Slot number from 4 to 24, can achieve discharge line is beautiful, line loss control within the national standard range.

Winding of the stator, from 0.1 to 1.0 wire diameter, wire diameter 0.3 up to 30 root and around to the full tank, dogan and line diameter around 0.5. Slot number from 6 to 36, single line can achieve technical requirements of a root not disorderly!

Manufacturers how to choose the coiling machine, has been the procurement agency headache thing, how to choose to suit his in numerous home winding machine factory models, xing yulong electromechanical suggest you start from the following points:

A, access points within the facility

1, it is around the outside or inside. Around the outside and inside around is divided into two categories: type, around and around. Many purchasing manager are put forward: production models have around your home with machine around can do ah, so not a stronger commonality, how don't you xing yulong electromechanical r&d this machine! Here, thank you very much for many industry manufacturers offer yulong electromechanical, in fact, as early as there are precedents for such models abroad, but at the end of the production practice, after bought this type of customer feedback, it is practical, operational, especially the stability is not as good as expected, moreover is the price is very high!

So, want to tell you is first need to purchase in the brushless around the aircraft, or outside around the aircraft!


2, at present, the company production status. This, have to distinguish between the purpose of the upgrade, now the factory proofing products are in phase, and mass production to catch the goods time, and the full order is stable. This clarified, please refer the goal more clear, a few days ago, xing yulong electromechanical winding machine in one location, station 2 and 4 station 3 kinds of models to choose from, xing yulong electromechanical outside around the machine has 1 station, 2 location choice. Xing yulong electromechanical advice to you: 1 location proofing suit to plant selection, location of the single machine, quick debugging, buy cheap machine view; 2 location is fit for the stator winding in diameter greater than 80 production, stable performance, full servo control, and change tooling is simple and convenient, versatility is very broad! 4 station suit to plant a large number of cargo selection, 4 working heads work at the same time, the efficiency is as high as 200 per hour production of stator, accurate positioning, high-speed winding equipment design humanization, workers can rapidly up and down the material!

3, the cost budget. An order from proofing to sign, this is generally not more than 400000 project cost budget. Including personnel calls, mold development, sample production, to deliver travel expenses, personnel rbis, etc., will spend a large part of the budget, and after receiving the order to production line assembly, the budget has been spent about the same, so the general factory managers will be greatly compressed production line of the input! Involves the purchase of the production line is the most critical part of the winding brushless machine! Upfront costs, are in order to earn returns later production, and the production efficiency of the whole production line, the performance of the winding machine occupies certain proportion.

Coiling machine how much per hour can processing, processing of the stator is the percent of pass, it's about how much the ship the whole production line in the end. So, the whole project cost budget to set aside a lot, so as not to affect production late!

Second, manufacturers choose pay attention to the point

How much is 1, manufacturer of technical maturity. Want to know is in talks to your current brushless coiling machine manufacturers, production machine can meet your requirements, you can ask the manufacturers have done similar project before, whether similar experience for reference, with or without winding video to prove that the manufacturer can meet the requirements of your project!

2, the quality of winding machine and generality. At present domestic brushless numerous winding machine manufacturers, good and evil people mixed up, a lot of technology is not pass machine flooding the market, by the means of poor quality and low price to disrupt the factory procurement is inherently messy in the eye, the importance of quality, is about the stability of the production line production, if buy back a brushless coiling machine, three days two head is bad, no matter how fast is the manufacturer to repair, how good attitude is to no avail, a bad machine, even stagnation only half a day, also will bring the factory cannot estimate the cost of superposition and after the date of delivery delay! Phase and affect the arrangement of the late a lot of things. Yulong electromechanical coiling machine | | xing of generality, that was the key to embody brushless coiling machine performance! Factory buy a brushless winding machine, impossible to produce a product only, and in products, is need to change tooling and machine. Mold design is good or bad, is about the quality of the stator produce, usually around outside for line loss point requirement is not high, so the outside around the winding machine, the manufacturer is very careless, xing yulong electromechanical I say here: this is not possible! Mold making, decision making the attitude of the whole machine. Quick call quick die change, degree, machine performance is a kind of reflection! If I buy home machine, change the product of jig, in part to the equivalent of the whole machine to me again, that the life of the machine has soon! In parts of too much, spend too long, less a day, how to debug several days to make tooling debug, while the machine want to back to the precision of the factory, is more or less will be affected! Xing yulong electromechanical coiling machine promise the promise of the metamorphosis, it must be fulfilled! Don't make promises of!

3, manufacturers of after-sales service. This article believes that will know importance! Business is the same person, on the contrary, the manufacturer, the head of the person, will also reflect on business cooperation! To tell the truth, say stability, no, no promises, no nonsense! Is the basic principle of doing business, not to do language here.

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