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Metal materials in the winding machine have what effect?

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Metal materials in the winding machine have what effect?


Coiling machine is a kind of electrical equipment, it consists of electric control system and metal materials and some accessories, they all have their own USES. General metal accounted for about sixty percent of the winding machine, its importance is not small.

Process and use characteristics are two major characteristics of metal materials. Winding machine production compared commonly pay attention to the machining of metal material properties, using feature is in the process of practical application, it determines the scope of use of the equipment and service life.

And the choice of metal material generally used in machinability and actual performance as the main basis, of course, different load property of metal material requirements will also be different. Commonly used materials have a transformer winding machine generally choose cast iron structure, ordinary small winding machine for aluminum casting, medium winding machine is mild steel welding.

Strength generally refers to the metal material under static load performance of resistance to damage; Plastic refers to metal materials under the action of load, plastic deformation and does not destroy the ability; Hardness is a measure of degree of hard and soft metal materials indicators we often say of A3 steel and 45 steel is the target of hardness difference; Fatigue is working under cyclic load of metal materials, produced a measure of change.

Shenzhen xing yulong electromechanical equipment co., LTD., founded in 2005, professional research and development, production and sales all kinds of brushless motor winding machine, etc., focused on winding equipment for 16 years. Introduction of Japan, Taiwan advanced technology, the machine is simple operation, high production efficiency, less manpower, and winding technology had applied for national patent. Widely used in aviation/car/electrical/air conditioning/electric tools/appliances/aspiration/wash, etc.

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